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The Beacon Herald
Democracy doesn't apply to our brave veterans

When democracy can be contravened by the actions and/or inaction's of those that are empowered to act upon and be the representation of the voice of the people then democracy as we understand it is no longer a democracy.

In reality, through despotic action, the voice of the people is suppressed and summarily and completely extinguished as if the very principles of democracy are subjugated by absolutism ... meaning we no longer have control over our lives. Would it not constitute a noticeable slight against the very principles of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms that when the people in a democracy no longer have those freedoms and rights that it is no longer a democracy!

When the voice of the people is not heard, when absolutism outweighs the rights and freedoms of the people, this is not the Canada I knew. In reference to the democratically passed by majority vote for Bill C-201 during the last session of Parliament and presently being discussed as Bill C-215, to stop the clawback of veterans' pensions when they turn 65 and to be treated the same as MPs who do not have clawback apply to them."

Dave W. Palmer, CD Nepean, Ont., former Stratford resident

Another successful Friends of Stratford Public Library book sale

A great big thank you to everyone who made the Friends of Stratford Public Library's annual "Biggest Book Sale in Perth County" such a success and helped us to raise almost $5,000 to support free children's reading and science programs at the SPL.

We couldn't do it without the hard work and efforts of Friends, Kiwanis members, students, library staff and event volunteers who contributed more than 200 hours setting up thousands of books, CDs and DVDs. We would also like to acknowledge and thank more than 800 book lovers in our community and from across the border who carried away boxes full of treasures.

Special thanks to Ivan Disher of JS Services Ltd., Carys Wyn Hughes of Community Living Services, librarian Sally Hengeveld, who delighted children with stories and puppets, Fanfare Books and Fundamental Books & Toys for gift certificates and St. Marys Rentals which supplied the tables, as well as St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church for their assistance.

Congratulations to the winners of our gift certificates, Gracyn Schlotzhauer and Joey Campbell. And a warm thank you to everyone who became a new member of Friends of the Library at our book sale.

Unsold books and CDs will be distributed to Better World Books, Optimism Place, City of Stratford Jail, and Goodwill Stores.

This year's event was celebrated at Factory163. Mark your calendars to attend next year's event on Oct. 20. See you there!

Irene Miller, president Friends of the SPL Stratford