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The Beacon Herald
Couple debut one-act plays
By LAURA CUDWORTH, Stratford Beacon Herald

Two new, one-act plays will debut at Factory163 Friday night.

A Fountain Troubled, a solo show starring its author Fiona Mongillo, will be directed by her husband Michael Neale.

Mongillo will return the favour, directing her husband in his one-act solo show Don't Get Smart.

Neale and Mongillo are recent graduates of the University of British Columbia acting program who live in Stratford.

" A Fountain Troubled is the story of one woman's unravelling as a result of society's manufacturing of female sexuality and her own experiences as they have shaped her," Mongillo said.

Neale's play is "the story of what it means to be a good parent and what it means to be a good child. It's the story of three generations of men and trying to evolve," Mongillo said.

Neither has written their own work before, which is part of the motivation, she said. They're hoping to make names for themselves in a competitive industry.

"We've been working on these plays for about three weeks. It's been a great push because both of us are working full-time jobs as well, so we're rehearsing in the evenings," she said

They're delighted to be performing at Factory163, which has subsidized some of the cost.

"It's lovely," Mongillo said of the space. "It's transformative. I think it's exactly what Stratford's art community needed."

What: Two one-act plays, A Fountain Troubled, written by and starring Fiona Mongillo and Don't Get Smart written by and starring Michael Neale

When: Friday through Sunday, 8 p.m.

Where: Factory 163 Tickets: $10, at the door